Gifts in a Bummer Summer

Hard to believe we are mid-summer.  I love this time of year for all of its simplicity…farmer’s markets, flip flops, easy picnic dinners on the beach at sunset.  Perhaps an echo from my younger days, I have always felt that summertime feels more relaxed, even though...

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Why are some conversations so difficult to have? We all have uncomfortable topics that we find ourselves bargaining to postpone, downplay, or avoid all together. Decades ago as a grade schooler, I remember suffering through an entire weekend in anticipation of ...

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An Evolving Case Study

Crane, Texas is a small town located in the western part of the state that made headlines last month. With a public high school population of just under 300, the superintendent issued a letter to warn parents about a chlamydia outbreak in the school – more than 20...

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Billboard Kudos

I do not recall what prompted this memory, but I recently remembered an online debate that took place a couple of years ago on a listserv of which I am a member. One parent was complaining about the placement of a billboard adjacent to the highway that dissects her...

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About Me

Andrea Brand is a passionate proponent of comprehensive sex education and helping parents embrace their role as open, trusty resources for their kids.  Andrea holds MSW and MPH degrees from the University of Michigan. Now an empty nester, she resides in Massachusetts with her husband and dog.  She is available for speaking, coaching, and consulting.

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