Does Saying Goodbye to Our Kids Ever Get Easier?

I will never forget dropping off my oldest child at his first day of kindergarten. He was coming from an amazing daycare/preschool situation that served him and our family perfectly with the bonus of being co-located in my office building. What a gift it was to be...

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Hope is in the Air; Knots are in My Stomach

Winter weather in the northeast is finally winding down and signs of spring have arrived. I’ve heard more birdsong, seen bright yellow daffodils break through the monochromatic hard earth, and observed tiny buds on some early blooming trees. The days are notably...

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It's holiday time AGAIN and I am wondering how we got here? The last year feels like a blur. Ever since March 2020, I have trouble pinpointing events and moments in my life. I find myself time confused and asking "when did _____ happen?" A lot.  So how was your 2022?...

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Lowering the Bar

With 2021 having wrapped up last week, I cannot help but reflect on the past twelve months - - - the highs, the too many lows, the surreal - - and think about what I want in the upcoming year, albeit cautiously. Never one to believe in new year’s resolutions since I...

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Tips for Easy Sex Chats with Your Kids

You know that talk you’ve been wanting to have with your kid but keep avoiding for one reason after another – no privacy; no time; uncertain how to begin; embarrassment; fear of not having the answers? Yes – I am talking about sex talks! And you are not alone....

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Progress Not Perfection

How often have I stared at the blank page, frozen, without a clue about how to begin? I have had these face-offs with my computer monitor countless times when tasked with a research report, business proposal, book chapter, or blog post. Interestingly, the majority of...

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About Me

Andrea Brand is a passionate proponent of comprehensive sex education and helping parents embrace their role as open, trusty resources for their kids.  Andrea holds MSW and MPH degrees from the University of Michigan. Now an empty nester, she resides in Massachusetts with her husband and dog.  She is available for speaking, coaching, and consulting.

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