It’s holiday time AGAIN and I am wondering how we got here? The last year feels like a blur. Ever since March 2020, I have trouble pinpointing events and moments in my life. I find myself time confused and asking “when did _____ happen?” A lot. 

So how was your 2022? What did you learn about yourself? Sometimes we don’t realize the extent of what we learned until we pause and think about challenges we overcame. 

Here are some of my eye openers of the past year:

  • I truly do not like social media and therefore do not participate beyond what feels natural to me
  • Human connection is critical to my core being 
  • Stretching myself beyond my comfort zone is scary and surprisingly rewarding
  • I love exploring new places
  • I’m not as much of an extrovert as I thought
  • I need to always have a book I’m reading; when I am between books, I feel a bit lost
  • I dislike driving in bad weather, at night, and in traffic
  • I love driving by myself
  • I cherish having the family altogether, rare as it may be
  • I have a blast being interviewed for podcasts 
  • I love playing and experimenting in the garden 
  • Deciding not to make holiday cards this year felt liberating

As you take a moment and think about your year, what stands out for you? Whether you had overt “wins” or realizations from difficult circumstances you encountered, there is undoubtedly a great deal of self-discovery to unpack. 

May you allow yourself the grace (and time) to reflect.  





































































































































































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